3 Floor at Grand Millennium Business Bay Hotel – Marasi Dr – Business Bay – Dubai - U.A.E
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Royal Moroccan Bath + Massage + WAX Services in Dubai

Royal Moroccan Bath Service

Royal Moroccan Bath + Massage + WAX Services in Bora Spa Center

Our focus at Bora Spa in Dubai is on protecting, preserving, restoring and helping you relax, the most relaxing and most comfortable path for our visitors to pamper themselves after a full week of tiring work is to have a royal Moroccan steam bath in Marasi followed by a relaxing scrub.

We offer a high quality comfortable Moroccan Royal Bath with experts who know all about Moroccan baths naturally. The therapist rinses your skin, shampoo your hair, the cleansing process in the Moroccan bath near Marasi, together with the moisturizing effect of massage oil, and revitalizes the complexion and blood circulation. We leave you with happiness and relaxation.

The client enters the massage room. For a royal Moroccan bath near Business Bay relaxes the nervous system and helps the body flush out toxins. When the massage is over, the client will be ready to go home, feeling refreshed.