3 Floor at Grand Millennium Business Bay Hotel – Marasi Dr – Business Bay – Dubai - U.A.E
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Moroccan Bath + Scrub + Massage Services in Dubai

Scrub in Business Bay

Moroccan Bath + Scrub + Massage Services in Bora Spa Center

The body needs from time to time a Scrub Moroccan bath that meets different needs. The best Moroccan baths are done to cleanse, brighten and moisturize the skin at Bora Spa in Dubai, relieving all the torment and stress of the body throughout the work week.

The Moroccan Bath Scrub Spa at Dubai Massage Center is a great getaway with the finest spa equipment. In the Bora center near Marasi it has a fully equipped Bath, exfoliating steam rooms, a relaxing atmosphere and massage rooms. Scrub and body massage helps to relax and helps blood flow, veins and joints in the body.

By treating the skin by a professional therapist in Dubai on a deeper level through Moroccan Bath Spa and Body Scrub, we can reduce destructive toxins from our bodies. Get a luxurious body cleansing treatment near Business Bay that softens the complexion and imparts sensual and refreshing scents.